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Ground penetrating radar for concrete scanning and inspection

To utility companies buried services are assets that need to be protected, whilst to the construction industry they can represent a major hazard. Precise and reliable information about the presence, location and depth of these utilities and other buried infrastructure is therefore essential.

We use The MALÅ GPR CX Concrete Imaging System which allows us to perform ground penetrating radar scans of concrete structures simply and safely and presents data clearly for real-time and in-the-box 3D data acquisition, display and analysis.

This system provides accurate inspection of concrete structure such as floors, walls, slabs, bridge deck for the detection of metallic and non metallic objects and features, i.e. rebar, post tension cables, metallic/ non-metallic conduits and pipes, voids, as well as the measurement of slab thickness.


Coring and Drilling - Done Right - Done Fast

Our sophisticated coring and drilling equipment means you get the job done fast and accurately. The beniefits for you are obvious - less wasted time and expense.

We offer the following coring and drilling services:

•    Core drilling up to 900mm

•    Hydraulic sawing & drilling


Night work is available when required.


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Concrete sawing for all types of surfaces

We offer concrete sawing for, floors, driveways, car parks, roadways, runways, new and old concrete and ashphalt.

We offer the following sawing services:

  • * Floor sawing up to 450mm
  • * Wall sawing up to 530mm
  • * Concrete Scanning
  • * Remote Demolition (Robot / Nibbler)
  • * Ring sawing - chain sawing
  • * Soft cutting up to 80mm
  • * Concrete splitting
  • * Hydraulic sawing
  • * Electric sawing

We also offer mini excavator, mini bobcat and jack hammering.


We are fully insured and operate 7 Days a week.